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Undergrads Win Grants for Cancer-Screening Project

This year two students gave an HRA project a boost, with grants that will help promote cancer screening in an underserved community.
Both of these students are working with Dr. Susan Ivey on the "Colorectal cancer screening in South Asian people" project. The project’s aim is to raise rates of colorectal cancer screening among people 50 and older of South Asian descent.
Part of the project has been researching beliefs about colorectal cancer screening among South Asian women and men, via focus groups. Eiman Kazi won an award from the Center for Race and Gender Undergraduate Student Grants Program in Fall 2015.
The grant made it possible to increase the number of focus groups and participants. Ms. Kazi is currently analyzing the data from this research.
The project plans to produce educational materials to encourage screening for colorectal cancer. The materials will be published in English, Hindi, and Bengali and distributed at South Asian community centers and faith communities. A $2500 grant from the Asian American Research Center on Health will help fund the production of these materials. Nilesh Kapoor collaborated with Dr. Ivey on this grant proposal.

August 2016