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Stakeholder Meetings to Develop Strategies for Reducing Workplace Lead Exposures

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Project Summary: 

Lead exposure remains a threat to workers in many industries and their families. HRA convened two stakeholder meetings to address the issue of workplace-related lead exposure. The meetings were held in Oakland and Carson, California, in April 2009 and included representatives from government agencies as well as industry employers, unions, environmental health advocates, and scientists.

Participants discussed strategies and made recommendations for eliminating unnecessary uses of lead, revising OSHA standards, rewarding compliance, expanding employer education and consultation, expanding worker education and outreach, and setting enforceable reporting standards for clinical laboratories that perform blood lead tests. Reducing exposure is feasible, and it is a goal consistent with other efforts to reduce exposures to toxic chemicals, such as California’s green chemistry initiative and the national “Protecting Workers on the Job” initiative. Success will require the coordinated efforts of all the key stakeholder groups

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Holly Brown-Williams
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Health Research for Action, UC Berkeley
Occupational Lead Poisoning Prevention Program, Occupational Health Branch, California Department of Public Health
California Department of Public Health
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