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Ventanillas de Salud

Ventanillas de Salud
Project Summary: 

In 2002, the Health Initiative of the Americas (HIA) teamed up with the Mexican Secretariat of Foreign Affairs and other key partners to create the first Ventanillas de Salud (health stations) in the Los Angeles and San Diego Mexican consulates. Today they can be found in the lobby Mexican Consulates nationwide and many other Latin American countries' consulates in the U.S. Many immigrants, especially those who are new to the U.S., have a difficult time navigating the U.S. healthcare system and some undocumented immigrants are wary of seeking care from hospitals and clinics, and these ventanillas are quick and easy information guides for this population to become informed.

Main Findings: 

Consulates provide a familiar setting for many migrants and Ventanillas de Salud are critical healthcare access points. In 2008, HIA provided technical assistance to the Consulate of Mexico in Fresno to develop mobile health units that can service rural regions in California, bringing the information of the ventanillas on the road as well.

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Xochitl Castaneda
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Health Initiative of the Americas
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