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Translating Research into Action: Promoting a Culture of Preparedness and Response through Interorganizational Relationships and Effective Communication with Community-based Organizations Serving the Homeless in Alameda County

UC Berkeley Cal PREPARE Pilot Study graphic
Project Summary: 

Research translation is a critical component and extension of research that is often not emphasized in the research process. With multiple models to draw from, this project examines various steps and stages of the research translation continuum to apply to new knowledge and research results from the pilot project Building, Enhancing and Leveraging Interorganizational Relationships for Disaster Preparedness and Response: A study of Community-based Organizations Serving Vulnerable Populations; a Focus on the Homeless. Translation of knowledge into desired outcomes beneficial to the target population is a multi-step process with several important components of research translation that need to be employed; primarily acceptance of research results and later adoption of appropriate next steps in the target population. Confronting translation issues early on in the research process is imperative, particularly when engaging community organizations; a broad range of stakeholders need to be engaged. Guidance of studies on research translation, and barriers related to translation will be considered and incorporated as applicable. The project aims support the translation of knowledge on the translational continuum to include transfer, uptake, exchange and translation of research knowledge.

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Donata Nilsen, MPH
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UC Berkeley School of Public Health, Center for Infectious Diseases & Emergency Readiness
Principal Investigators: 
Tomás Aragón, MD, DrPH
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
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