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Evaluating the Impact of a California Statute Regulating Beverages Served in Licensed Child-Care Settings

children talking on the school yard
Project Summary: 

The Center for Weight and Health is conducting a study to evaluate the impact of a newly passed California law, AB2084 (effective date: January 1, 2012), which mandates beverage standards in licensed childcare centers and family day care homes. The focus will be to assess the extent to which the standards are implemented, and the barriers that deter -- and facilitators that allow – implementation, by conducting a statewide survey and comparing results to a similar statewide survey administered in 2008, prior to the law enactment.

Policy, Practice or Research Impacts: 

As the USDA formulates new regulations in response to IOM recommendations to align the Child and Adult Care Program food patterns with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and other states consider legislation similar to AB2084, the lessons learned in California will have broad implications and policy relevance nationwide.

Contact Person: 
Lorrene Ritchie
Contact Person's Email Address:
Atkins Center for Weight and Health, UC Berkeley
Principal Investigators: 
Lorrene Ritchie
Research Publications and Reports: 

Ritchie LD, Boyle M, Chandran K, Spector P, Whaley SE, James P, Samuels S, Hecht K, Crawford P. Participation in the Child and Adult Care Food Program is associated with better nutrition offerings in childcare. Child Obesity 2012 (in press).

Hecht K, Chandran K, Samuels S, Crawford P, Ritchie L, Spector P. Nutrition and Physical Activity Environments in Licensed Child Care: A Statewide Assessment of California. March 2009. download

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California Food Policy Advocates, Samuels & Associates
California Food Policy Advocates/Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
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United States