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Project Details

Emergency Preparedness Communication for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Pilot Study

Project Summary: 

Despite advocacy on a grassroots level, there is a paucity of research on preparedness and emergency communications in, for, and by the deaf community. The goal of this research project is to improve the ability of first responders to work effectively with this population, with the aim of improving the capacity of deaf and hard-of-hearing (Deaf/HH) people and their ability to prepare for and respond to not only large-scale public health disasters but smaller-scale emergencies on an individual level. The project is a mixed-method evaluation of a training program for law enforcement personnel working with Deaf/HH individuals in domestic violence emergencies.

This research is situated in light of HRA's current research on CBO capacity to deal with emergencies as well as the content analysis of state EOPs (Emergency Operations Plans) along with key informant interviews of state officials for all fifty states and the territories to determine capacity on an institutional and governmental level to respond to the needs of deaf and hard-of-hearing people during emergencies.

Contact Person: 
Alina Engelman, MPH, Doctoral Candidate
Contact Person's Email Address:
School of Public Health, Health Research for Action
Principal Investigators: 
Tomás Aragón, MD, DrPH
Deaf Hope, Oakland Police Department
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
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