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Arizona Parent Guide

Arizona Parent Guide cover image
Project Summary: 

The 2016 edition of The Arizona Parent Guide is based on best practices in health communication and health literacy. Since 2005 over a million families have received the guide, as part of the Arizona Parents Kit. The kit also includes a set of DVDs for parents and a board book for children. There are English and Spanish versions of the kit, which goes to new parents throughout Arizona.

The guide focuses on children from birth to five. It covers pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, child development, language learning, childcare, and health and safety issues. The guide lists many websites and toll-free phone numbers where parents can find more information or assistance.

The Arizona Parent Guide uses a model that has shown effectiveness in reaching parents of all income levels and many ethnicities.

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Kathy Simpson
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Health Research for Action, UC Berkeley
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Professor Linda Neuhauser
The Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust, First Things First of Arizona
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