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Project Policy Analyst

The Project Policy Analyst manages usability research for the Health Research for Action (HRA) communication group. The Project Policy Analyst will oversee the usability testing program, including outreach, implementation, and quality control. The Project Policy Analyst will develop relationships with community-based organizations to assist with recruiting specific populations, usually with limited literacy skills. The Analyst will periodically evaluate the field of usability research for information to update and improve HRA’s processes for recruiting and conducting usability testing. 
The Project Policy Analyst will manage individual research projects by recruiting participants, conducting one-on-one usability interviews, and writing usability test reports. The person in this role must exhibit excellent interviewing skills and be able to train and evaluate other team members who conduct usability interviews. In addition to research and project management skills, the Project Policy Analyst is expected to have a basic understanding of health literacy best practices. This includes an understanding of readability levels, layout and design principles, cultural appropriateness, teach-back and other practices. 
For more details and to apply, go to and look for Job ID 22395.